President Don Bartel 315-369-2347
Vice. Pres. Bob Gates 315-527-0760
Rec. Sec. Kathy Simpson 315-369-2208
Treasurer Xenia Walsh 516-551-9578
Cor. Sec. Rhonda Vanucchi 315-369-0176


Howie Dailey 315-369-2716

Dick Conversano 516-641-7737
Jim Vaccaro 585-503-4692
George Pearson 315-369-8400
Bill Gasperino 315-369-2208

Trustee Emeritus Bob Gordon 315-357-6339

Club Membership Administrator Cindy Beckley 315-369-5026 


Trail Grooming Dick Conversano 516-641-7737
Safety Course Don Bartel 315-369-2347

Trail Maint. Don Bartel 315-369-2347
Sunshine Mary Lou Reich 315-357-2412
Building Maint. Bill Gasperino 315-369-2208
Trails Adm. George Pearson 315-369-8400


All membership meetings except for the December and March meetings will be held at the Inlet Town Hall at 7pm, with a dinner buffet, served free to all attendees, at 6pm. 


Thursday, January 2, 2020: Registration opens for Snowmobile Safety Course to be held January 18, 2020. Call Howard Dailey, phone 315-369-2716. 

Saturday, January 4, 2020: Family Potluck Lunch at 1pm at the Inlet Town Hall. Bring a dish to pass.

Saturday, January 18, 2020: Safety Course, Inlet Fire Hall. Pre-registration required. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2020: Regular Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday , February 4, 5, & 6, 2020: Two-Overnights ride. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2020: Charity dinner at Billy’s to benefit our club. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2020: Regular Monthly Meeting and election of officers.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020: Annual End-of-Season Dinner Meeting

Friday & Saturday, March 6 & 7, 2020:*SnoFest, http://visitmyadirondacks.com/snofest/index.html

April 24-26, 2020: 2020 SLEDNY Forum & NYSSA Annual Meeting to be held in Syracuse, NY. Our club sends representative delegates to this conference to attend seminars and interact with the over 230 clubs across the state.

*This event is not a club sponsored activity, but is included here for your information.

Groomer operator training and refresher information will again be required for any club member who is interested in volunteering. Care and use of upgraded equipment is in flux all the time, so even if you groomed last year, you will need to get the updated information. Please contact Dick Conversano, phone 516-641-7737 to arrange a training time.

These monthly meetings will be starting on October 15, 2019, and this season we will be be having dinner meetings in October, November, January and February. We will start with the dinner buffet at 6pm, and then start the meeting at 7pm. Dinner, desserts and beverages will be provided free of charge. We invite all members to share this evening together.

President Don Bartel will be resuming group rides during the winter, either Tuesdays or Wednesdays, but not both days, and not on meeting days. Weather and conditions will also be a factor. The ride and destination will be posted on the club’s Facebook page each Monday by 7pm.

All Club memberships expire on August 31st. If you haven’t already paid your club dues of $30 to get your voucher to use at the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles to get the discounted fee of $45 per snowmobile instead of $100, you should renew your club membership now. Please be advised that the club does not have an office in the local Old Forge area where you can pay your dues to get your voucher once you arrive to snowmobile. And the turn-around time for your club membership to be processed to receive your vouchers could be two to three weeks. Join online to download and print your club voucher almost instantaneously, or use the enclosed membership renewal/application to mail in your check or money order.



The Inlet Barnstormers Snowmobile Club will be sponsoring ONE MORE Snowmobile Safety Course for this winter season. Space is limited and youths must be registered to attend. Walk-ins will not be accepted. The course is scheduled for Saturday, January 18th, and registration will open on Thursday, January 2nd. Pre-registration is required and calls will not be accepted before the specified dates for each course. Register by calling instructor Howard Dailey at 315-369-2716.

Youth ages 14 through 17 years old may operate a snowmobile, on lands upon which snowmobiling is allowed, without adult or other supervision if they have completed a snowmobile safety training course recognized by the State of New York. If youth ages 14 through 17 years have not completed the training course, they may operate a snowmobile if accompanied by (within 500 feet of) a person who is at least 18 years of age. Youth ages 10 through 13 may operate a snowmobile, on lands upon which snowmobiling is allowed, if they have completed a snowmobile safety training course recognized by the State of New York and are accompanied by (within 500 feet of) a person who is at least 18 years of age. Children less than 10 years old or less than age 14 without a safety certificate may operate a snowmobile only on lands owned or leased by their parent or guardian. A non-resident operator who is a resident of another state or country and is the holder of a valid snowmobile safety certificate issued by that state or country shall be considered the same as the holder of a New York State Safety Certificate. Additional information can be found at: 




Billy generously donates 20% of all dinner checks and take-out orders back to our club. Call the restaurant (315-369-2001) to make your dinner reservations at the Barnstormers reserved tables in his cozy dining room and bolster our club’s revenue for grooming. Please be sure to “THANK” Billy Burns for his support! Hope to see many of you there. Members and Non-Members are welcome!


First Prize 2020 Skidoo: James Baggetta, Ballston Lake, NY

Second Prize $1,000 cash: Bill Saraceni, Haskell, NJ

Third Prize $500 cash: Walter (Zip) Thompson, Belford, NJ

Fourth Prize $100 cash: Allen Glace, Felton, PA

Fifth Prize $100 cash: Michele Connolly, Cortlandt Manor, NY

Sixth Prize $100 cash: Steven Greenberg, Brooklyn, NY

Seventh Prize $100 cash: Wes Wolfe, Avon, NY

Eighth Prize $100 cash: Mike Kodey, Endwell, NY

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all who bought tickets to support our club!



Sharon Bartel and “Carolina Dave” Forte have worked together to provide information from a company called Print Mania from which anyone can order apparel with the club emblem embroidered on any item they choose. The club has ordered samples of a fleece shirt that will be available for inspection at the January 21st membership meeting. Anyone can call and order any product as needed. You can order with a credit card or send a check after she completes the order but the check will delay delivery. She also charges $6.50 for any item you want to send her to have embroidered. The link www.printmaniatees.com will take you to the manufacturer’s website. Regina Jackson is the owner of this family-owned and operated business. Print Mania, 624 Main Street, Arkadelphia, AR 71923, Phone 1-870-246-3803, or email printman2@gmail.com . Note they will be closing on December 22nd. for the holidays and re-open on January 3rd. Click here for more info.



The club continues to need your help to make the gas tax refund a success.  All those gallons of gas that YOU use on the snowmobile trails include sales tax that the club can get refunded to buy equipment and for trail maintenance etc. You do have to buy the gas in New York State. Use the Gas Tax Refund form that you can download from the club’s website. You must attach the gas receipt for each purchase that you put on the form.  When you fill up a page you must sign it on the bottom which gives the Inlet Barnstormer permission to apply for the sales tax refund for the gas you purchased.  Please make a copy of the form (download it here) before you start filling it out so that you always have a blank sheet to start again when you have filled up the first sheet (or download the form from our website).  THAT’S IT!  So, send the completed forms to Howard Dailey, and if you need additional information, phone 315-369-2716.



Stay in touch online, with our website www.InletBarnstormersSnowmobileClub.com, and follow us on Facebook, Inlet Barnstormers Snowmobile Club. You can also join our club online by following the link on our website to www.nysnowmobiler.com. By joining via the New York State Snowmobile Association website with your credit card, your voucher will be available to you instantly by clicking on the link emailed to you.



Please consider helping. And the club has incentives for volunteers. Call any club officer listed on page 1 for additional information. 


The annual Inlet Barnstormers Club overnight trip will be held this year on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday February 4th, 5th, & 6th 2020.  We will leave from the groomer barn on North Street in Old Forge at 8:30am on Tuesday and ride to the Tailwater Lodge in Altmar, New York. We will get to the Tailwater mid afternoon after stopping for lunch on the way. There will be cocktail gatherings at 5pm on Tuesday and Wednesday. Bring your own adult beverages You can make a reservation for either Tuesday and/or Wednesday night if you do not ride your sled, or both nights if you ride you sled. We will meet at 7pm for dinner both nights as a group and order off the menu. You can drive down by car and meet there for all the fun.   We will leave for home on Thursday morning after riding around the Tailwater area on Wednesday. If we are not able to ride our sleds due to trail conditions, we will be driving our cars. Any questions, please call Bob Gates at 315-527-0760. If you are going either by car or sled, please call Bill Herman at 352-238-6011 with your phone number and E-mail address. We want to be able to keep in touch so we can let you know what is going on. We will have have vehicles to take your luggage if you wish. The hotel rates are $99 per night for either two queen or one king bed. You can book for one night or for two nights, however the club ride is for two nights. Directions for booking online follow:

1. www.tailwaterlodge.com

2. Click “book now”

3. Enter Arrival/Departure dates

4. Our club’s group Code is “Inlet”

5. The group rate of $99 will appear for reservations. Guests can reserve the room with a credit card. The card will not get charged until the day of departure. All rooms must be booked by January 20,2020 to receive the discounted rate.

Or guests can call the hotel direct at 315-298-3434 and give the agent the club’s group code “Inlet”. We hope you will join us for this fun event!



The Inlet Barnstormers Annual End-of-Season Dinner Meeting will be held Tuesday, March 10, 2020 at the Steak House Restaurant in Thendara.  Entrees include a choice of Prime Rib, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Scallops Au Gratin.  There will be a brief meeting at 5:30 pm, appetizers and a cash bar at 6:00 pm and dinner at 7:00 pm.  The cost per person is $39, tip included.  Mail a check payable to the Inlet Barnstormers with your entree selection to Bill Gasperino, PO Box 1042, Old Forge, NY 13420 , NO LATER THAN MARCH 2, 2020.  PAYMENT DUE UPFRONT.  NO PAYMENT OR RESERVATIONS ACCEPTED AT THE DOOR.  


Our mailing address is:


PO Box 144, Inlet, NY 13360