On February 24, 1998, the Inlet Barnstormers Snowmobile Club held its first meeting at the Ole Barn Restaurant in Inlet, New York.

The charter members were Bob & Linda Gordon, Al Cislo, Don Turk, Jerry & Heather Levi, Ron & Kathy Hanson, Sandy & Ron Nihill, Dick & Cindy Beckley, Sean & Julie Manzi, Kevin Ponder, David Winslow, Walt & Ruth Bailey, BJ Queen, JR Risley and Chris Baumgartner.

The officers elected were: President, Bob Gordon; Vice President, Al Cislo; Treasurer, Linda Gordon; Secretary, Emma Smith; Trustees, Don Turk, Dick Beckley, B.J. Queen, Ron Nihill and Jerry Levi.

The Constitution and By Laws were ratified at this first meeting.  The Constitution stipulated that the club would meet monthly except for April.  Dues were set a $5 for a single membership and $10 for a family membership.

The topics of the meeting included liability insurance coverage for club events, joining the New York State Snowmobile Association and the Adirondack Snowmobile Association, four-season social gatherings to get families involved, supplying signage and maintenance for local trails, and designing club decals and patches.

Inlet Barnstormers Constitution (pdf)